Project OH.MG

Posted on 2020-11-27 on Vaovao OH.MG.

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Basic Information


The site is a gemini site, churned out to static files on the WWW :








OH.MG is comprised of four servers and three DreamObjects buckets for data storage, three of the servers are self hosted on site in Paris, France and the fourth (for now) is a DreamCompute Instance that pushes updates to the DreamObjects buckets.

  • Web is handled by a Virtual machine serving static HTML
  • Gemini is served using gmnisrv on a second virtual machine
  • Gopher is served using Gophernicus on a physical machine

A Changelog of sorts

In this project I am going to be centralising all the content on OH.MG centrally under three different protocols which are hosted on 4 different machines.


  • VPS with kiln
  • DreamObjects

Home Servers

  • Gopher on Francesco
  • Gemini on Bertrand
  • HTTP/S on air03
  • BBS on core-mec03

Current Set-up

  • OH.MG hosted on netcup
  • on Gemini
  • No gopher


  • Make publishing easier
  • Hold more control on systems I physically own
  • Improve coverage to smol internet
  • Become zen with content
  • One place for everything

Expected Issues

  • IPv6 compatibility
  • Format between gophermaps and gemini
  • Speed relying on DreamObject (US based, servers in France)
  • No idea if it'll work as invisioned

Current Test Phase

  • Gemini from DreamObjects is a success
  • WWW from DreamObjects is a success on air03
  • Gopher on Francesco is a success, with some lag until file is cached

Field Notes from Production


  • No stability issues, gmnisrv has rarely crashed since it's no longer proxied
  • Slight delay of a few ms when first loading from the DO bucket (all protocols), considering to increase cache time on servers
  • Starting to integrate /faq/ into gopher