Ch.. Ch.. Changes

Posted on 2020-11-25 on Vaovao OH.MG.

I've been working rather intensively on fixing up my site, I've been working with a few things to get it properly on gemini and ze web.

One of the problems I've been having recently is using Kineto to relay from the WWW to Gemini, nothing with the software itself, mainly just asshole bots causing the gemini server to crash spectacularly.

and the stats are pretty clear on it too.

But I've got a solution and I'm working out the whole logistics from what I learned when I did over with multiple web hosts, but right now the winner is :

gmnisrv for the Gemini part

kiln for the web part

and no mixing in between, asshole web bots can smash the web host as much as they like trying to h4x0r static content, and the gemini server can be at zen with doing gemini.

I've also mirrored over to using the same file sources and some rsync magic, then slapped up the backups over to DreamObjects using rclone and a crontab.

Bish bash bosh, we is done.