Posted on 2020-09-18 on Vaovao OH.MG.

After spending 18 days under the new "masks everywhere" regulations, countless hours on trains, and insufferable pain in the ears (when of course they're not snapping off like a wardrobe malfunction, I've decided to buy some decent masks.

masks everywhere

wardrobe malfunction

Considering that they're not going anywhere anytime soon, figure might as well torment myself more than necessary.

I got two sets in total 14 (~2 per day for 7 days) of at least ones that follow the AFNOR guidance, and at a price that now make them quite literally the best clothes I own.

The first set from Le Slip Français, because Google told me to and I have no will power to battle BigData today.

Le Slip Français

Masque en tissu "grand public" lavable et réutilisable - Filtration Garantie 40 lavages

The second set from Eminence, since they're recommended on a Made in France website (shop local and all that) plus the style looks alright in comparison to some of the other ones available on the market.


Masques anti-projection à usage des professionnels en contact avec le public conforme à la norme AFNOR specX76-001

This is about the most intensive shopping I've done in a long time, my style is quite literally summed up as first thing seen in Primark. But here we are, 2020 making us do shit we never did before.