Moving LJ.GL

Posted on 2020-09-18 on Vaovao OH.MG.

In an effort to start getting a bit better geographic coverage and also to seperate out the journal site before it gets ultra large. I've setup a dedicated hosting account for it.

Why you may ask, well, why indeed I ask myself too, but here we are, we're all in this together.

LOAD "JOURNAL",8 is now hosted in South Africa, seems most logical since I've got the Australian mirror in the southern hemisphere too.

As a bonus, the account included a free domain, which I took advantage of, if you don't want the CloudFlare version of the site, head over to

You might wonder why CloudFlare is in the question, some people don't like using it for privacy reasons, which I totally get, and to be honest this site is static files on a professional web host, which means less issues with hacky scripts. So it's really down to you if you want the (without CF) or the .gl (with CF) version.

The CF version might be better if you're geographically too far from South Africa. But then again, since this is primarily text it shouldn't matter too much.