State Required Bedtime

Posted on 2020-10-25 on Vaovao OH.MG.

I'm so lax at updating this archive, I should really get to it more often.

We're still under the state required bed time because of the explosion of COVID-19 cases, when I'm borderline outdoors before 21h it's no surprise we're totally fucked. As there are always rammed bars and restaurants right up to and sometimes beyond the curfew.

Like I get it, we're all done with COVID-19 and the restrictions, they're annoying, having a mask slapped on your face all day, that too is annoying. But we have these things for a reason and like everything, you forgive the small irritations for the global good.

It's a shame a segment of society can't sit the fuck down and try and push this thing past, instead they create super infection cells all for the need to upload some shitty images to Instagram.

Slow clap people, slow. clap.