Tua madre fa una pizza terribile

Posted on 2020-10-27 on Vaovao OH.MG.

Reposted from ec.je

For a while, I've been playing around with many different web sites, often not happy with the results. I think I'm interested in the building part and then get totally bored when it comes to the whole having to actually do bit.

On the previous ec.je site which has been the going theme for the BBS and most of what I've done for years, it was OK, I got it where I wanted it. But adding content is a chore. I tried WordPress (which je déteste), a few other packages before and no real spark.

I've kind of fell in love with Gemini, much like Gopher (which I must really update once and a while) it's nice to have a fluffy protocol with no crazy overhead. But getting content across is a bit annoying, more so for Gopher which is quite particular and Gemini rightly lacks things like inline images.

I kind of went with it, but the only issue I had was it's not very reliable for a production environment since the Gemini server seems to crash a lot, this might also have something to do with the state of my small VM. I could easily host it in the cloud, but that really defeats the purpose. For I sir, wish to own my data.

The other thing I've been using is Logarion, which I'm very happy with but it's very much a specific feeling for a specific type of person (that would be me) and in my line of work I should probably have some kind of mobile-friendly design that tries to dump as much big data trackers at you (I really need to dump those share buttons to Databook and Birdsite).

Therefore I went for a kompromiss and landed a flat file CMS that isn't Hugo (that's another story for another time).

So welcome one and all to EC.JE, which for some bizarre reason is blocked from sharing on Farcebook.